About Us

The FSV Group is a dynamic accountancy and consulting organisation with registered office in Zaltbommel. Since the company was set up in 1978, we have grown organically from a local office with 6 employees in Zaltbommel to an organisation with a workforce of around 70 highly driven professionals.

We offer services in the fields of Business, Accountancy & Law. Our goal is to act as your company’s ideal sparring partner. This means that you can take advantage of our expertise in administration, accountancy and both statutory and internal auditing. We also provide payroll processing services for a large number of clients. In addition, FSV Accountants + Adviseurs employs highly experienced tax consultants and legal experts so that we can assist clients with a wide range of tax-related and legal issues where necessary.

We now also offer business owners highly specialised Corporate Finance and Due Diligence services.

In addition to our many original regional clients, today we also have a large number of clients who operate at an international level. Our customer base is extremely diverse, and we are active in a wide range of sectors.
We therefore support private individuals, small, medium-sized and also very large companies, as well as non-profit organisations.

The strength of FSV Accountants + Adviseurs lies in our short lines of communication. Both to you as a client, but also internally, between the different disciplines.
We tackle complex issues in an efficient and competent manner. We try to achieve this by using small, permanent teams for each client, made up of the different disciplines that work for the same client.

FSV Accountants + Adviseurs is a member of the NEXIA International network. As a result, we work closely with our international colleagues on cross-border projects. The short lines of communication involved ensure a rapid handover, meaning that international borders do not need to form an obstacle to quick solutions.

We have already successfully completed many international projects in collaboration with our NEXIA partners. These mainly concern projects in the field of mergers and takeovers, the joint implementation of due diligence investigations and the performance of annual audits.

Our Team